Monday, July 4, 2011

Me and Walt Whitman are from Pomonok!

Ghetto Bards of Queens, New York. Holla'!

FROM Paumanock starting, I fly like a bird,
Around and around to soar, to sing the idea of all;

To the north betaking myself, to sing there arctic songs,
To Kanada, till I absorb Kanada in myself—to Michigan then,
To Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, to sing their songs, (they are inimitable;)         
Then to Ohio and Indiana to sing theirs—to Missouri and Kansas and Arkansas, to sing theirs,
To Tennessee and Kentucky—to the Carolinas and Georgia, to sing theirs,
To Texas, and so along up toward California, to roam accepted everywhere;
To sing first, (to the tap of the war-drum, if need be,)
The idea of all—of the western world, one and inseparable.  
And then the song of each member of These States.

- Walt Whitman

Above: Pomonok 1952